Friday, September 3, 2010


Well I have read so many books since I last was able to post a blog that I couldn't possibly list them all on here.

I can tell you that I find myself buried deep in Regency English society again, most notably in the world created by Mary Balogh in her Bedwyn Saga and it's related Simply Series.  I have almost finished all of them, but somehow I have missed Rannulf's book Slightly Wicked.  It has also become a situation I am finding hard to rectify within my meager reading budget, which this week is a nonentity. I also took the time to read some of her other non related releases.  So here is a general blog about them.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed these stories, even though some of them made me cry dammit.  Mary's characters are a somewhat stoic crowd, but they are memorable, well written and invade the heart.  I have to say that Wulf and Claudia were my favorites but, the circumstances surrounding Aiden's homecoming in all the books was the most touching and tear inducing.  And the best part is they need not be read in order, but are irrevocably linked together.  I did find it helpful to read Morgan's story before Aiden's though.  Anyway, I am looking forward to reading more of her earlier releases and am anxious to read her new releases upcoming.

And so onward I go to the world as created by Stephanie Laurens in her Cynster and Bastion Club series'.  I have made a valiant effort in acquiring these books as well, and will be reading them almost in their entirety in the week or so to come, and this time I hope to be going in some semblance of order.

Til we meet again.