Wednesday, March 23, 2011


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Monday, March 21, 2011

Last wills and oreos

Go together like a horse and carriage......

So in preparation for our first big trip sans children, we thought that maybe in case, I dunno, our plane crashes or some such nonsense, we should make up a will.  We say this because neither one of us want our parents raising our kids (lookit how we turned out...sheesh) so we needed to find someone more suitable. 

BTW nothing says BFF like "I would take your kids for you if you needed me to." Love, love, LOVE my BFF "A", who has been upgraded since my other BFF "M" said "Hell no, I have too many of my own already."

So as I'm sitting here making this damn thing out, I think, man I have done nothing with my life.  My house ain't finished, we ain't got no money, no stuff...damn.  Then I remember the reason for this, we have 3 kids.  Well, there's the something that I have done with my life.  And it matters.  I hope I have been with them long enough to make the most difference in their lives, and would hope they remember the good times.

Actually, I hope that none of our planes crash with us on them and I dont have to worry about jack sh*t.

That is all. Carry on.

Friday, March 18, 2011

To synopsis or not synopsis?

Sitting here debating with myself the subject of my blogging.

In a book review, and why exactly do I expect my opinion to matter, is it a real necessity to take however many pages and break it down into 3 seconds or less of information that basically means you dont have to read the book.  I mean are reviews supposed to be like handy Cliff's Notes? they even still make Cliff's Notes???

And how does one break down a book where so many things happen on a single page, much less chapter, or hell, book?? I tried to write a synopsis on a certain YA series and the dam thing was as long as a term paper!

So I think I've come to the conclusion that all but my most basic blogs will be sans SPOILER ALERT.  Aside from the fact that I'm already a solid 15 books behind myself on this thing, I guess I prefer to leave the real writing up to the authors.

Patiently waiting for the next DABWAHA round


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And she does it again.....

Just finished reading JD Robb's Treachery in Death.  This book kept me up all night last night, couldn't put it down!

I don't know how after so many books, JD/Nora can come up with the good stuff, but she does. 

And my favorite passage, non traditional as it may be I just lurved it

(From Jacobson, one of the other cops, as he is taking down a suspect who is going after Eve)

And I quote...(and I am still giggling after having read this EARLY this morning)

     "Drop the f**ing weapon, you f**ing motherf**er or I'll f**ing scramble your f**ing brains.  Hands up!  Hands where I can f**ing see them, you f**ing c0cksucker.  You f**ing breathe wrong, you f**ing blink wrong, and I will f**k you up."
     While Reineke and Peabody dragged Palmer out the other side, Eve stepped back, let Jacobson deal with Marcell.
     "That was some very creative and varied use of the word f**k, Detective."
     "F**er."  Jacobson snarled it as he shoved Marcell to the ground.  "On your f**ing face, you f**ing sh*t coward.  Stream my lieutenant in the f**ing back?  F**k you."
     There was a distinctive snap followed by a scream.
     "I seem to have misjudged my step, Lieutenant, and stepped on one of this motherf**er's fingers.  I believe it's broken."
     "Could've happened to anyone."

End quote---well that's if you can call it a direct quote with the liberal use of ******s  lol.

As always, can't wait for the next one.  And I agree with Roarke, maybe next time Eve doesn't have to get into a fistfight???  Naahhhhh cause then she wouldn't be the Eve we know and love.

Time for bed....after I vote in the DABWAHA tourney in 10 minutes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is there hope for our future?? Books number next, next and next...

OK so I forgot which numbers these books are, and I didn't look it up so there :p

SO my next reading adventure was as promised *ahem* twice was The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.  Sometimes scary when one remembers these are YA novels the further you get, better when you realize that's ok there's no sex.


This series is a futuristic novel set in a time where we have tried to destroy the earth and each other and a new government pops up where one is no longer.  Set in what in our times is maybe Kentucky/Tennessee/Pennsylvania I guess since there are coal mines and Colorado/Nevada since its in the Rockies, this story revolves around a topic simply horrifying to the mother of three that writes this blog.  I cannot imagine every year having to deal with the possibility of losing a child to something as nasty as the Hunger Games.  These "games" are really more of an episode of survivor only all the contestants must be killed instead of voted off the island.  And the victor, the last victim standing wins all the goods, or bads in this case.

With all that said, I am very glad that I read these before my kids.  One definitely needs to have read this to be able to discuss it with kids.

The books were so good, it only took me 2 days to finish all three and my hubby felt really left out.  Suzanne Collins, gurl you owe me some beauty sleep!

Till next time

SCREEECHHHHH....Brake and detour...books 4, 5 and 6

So on my way to Hunger Games I took a brief detour through the library bag and read these books. 

First up:  Moon Shell Beach by Nancy Thayer

This being the second of Nancy's books that I have read, I find her books meaningful and insightful, touching and poignant at times.  Though something tells me those words all pretty much take on the same meaning.  This is a story of 2 women who were friends from an early age and who were raised in different lifestyles and who then part to go their separate ways.  Fast forward a dozen or so years and they reunite, heal old scars and form an everlasting new bond of friendship. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to read more of her stuff.

The other 2 books will be mentioned but not thoroughly reviewed for reasons of my own inability and are being noted for counting purposes

The first was Tales of Beetle the Bard  by JK Rowling and Albus Dumbledore and as translated by Hermoine Granger who are 2 of  JK's Harry Potter series characters.

I read this with my kids simply because it relates to the last book and movie.  Cute.

And next is the latest installment of the Dragonriders of Pern series Dragongirl by Anne and Todd McCaffrey.

This a long running series I first starting a wicked azz long time ago.  I was excited however to see that it continues with the help of Anne's son Todd.  As always I enjoyed the book with all its twists and turns (get it? ;) that usually pester these poor people during the reign of the red star.  Thank you for curing that illness affecting the dragons, I was afraid the series would be going away again.  I again await the next installment with baited breath....

This next time I really will be blogging the Hunger Games series, I promise.

As always

Let's get it started in here....books 1-3

First up this year are:

Can't Stand the Heat
On the Steamy Side and
Just One Taste  by Louisa Edwards

These books all take place in the steamy world of haute cuisine, and a restaurant called Market.  There are kitchen clashes, server crashes and as always a little bit of "free love" amongst the staff.  The series also has a secondary main setting in a punk-rock dive bar located in the basement of an old church called Chapel, where the drinks are sometimes more complicated than the characters.  One a fabulous note, in the back of these books are published the recipes for some of the dishes mentioned in the book as well as the cocktails served at Chapel...I am so trying that sangria out as soon as I buy, well, all of the ingredients.

I have to admit that in reading these, at first I was a bit unsettled.  I'm not one who usually is into same sex relationships in my reading.  And please don't take that how it sounds.  I grant everyone the right to their own happiness wherever and with whomever that may be.  It is just something I don't tend to take in, much less find in the library.  But after the initial shake, I was okay with it.  In fact it was my favorite part.  Louisa's characters are smart and funny, rude, boisterous and crazy, but it's easy to see that is what we love about them.

In a post note....Please tell me there will be books starring Christian and Grant....I'm dyin' here.

Til we meet again


Up next:  The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins