Sunday, November 6, 2011

A good glass of wine goes great with any meal...

Or any book by Christina Dodd for that matter.  And those Di Luca boys in her Bella Terra series sure give good.. erm, wine.

The first book, The Secrets of Bella Terra, begins as misfortune falls upon the Bella Terra Resort in the form of an attack upon the family matriarch, Nonna Sarah, requiring the family to come together to keep not only Nonna, but the resort safe and secure.  But when you mix a family reunion and an old Italian feud with mischief, mayhem and a large dose of jealousy, the results can be disastrous.

Rafe Di Luca. 

No one need say more, really, for this man has everything this reader could want in a romance hero.  First, he's an actual hero, a former serviceman, onetime POW, turned security consultant.  Second, loyalty.  He travels from a place no one but Christina Dodd and Google (I checked) has ever heard of, leaving his team behind, to come protect his home and dearest Nonna.  Next...he is hot. H. O. T. *sigh* Because, let's be honest here.  I think everyone of us has fantasized, at least once in our lives, that our significant other was a hot italian guy whose name ended in -ello.  He also knows how to have a good time. For example, look at what happens in Chapter 18. I admit, I am sometimes envyious of the type of guy who could have this particular brand of fun.  Sure, it hurts a bit for a while, but it's an awesome way to relieve some of that pent up frustration.  Even better when your "partners" are willing participants :) Last, he sure knows his way  around a woman, and yeah, that's what I'm talkin' bout.

Not to be forgotten, is our hostess with the mostest and thus honorary member of the family, Brooke Petersson.  Brooke is a hard as nails child of two Air Force veterans. As manager(?) of the resort, she is forced to put away her past feelings for our hot hero and aid in the search for who turns out to be a killer.  But who could completely harden their heart against a man like Rafe, especially with a past like theirs.

You will find that this blogger is a sizable Christina Dodd fan, read all her books, etc. etc.  This new series keeps that trend alive.  I have always loved her ability write captivating characters, believable plot lines and beautiful sceneries.  This book is no different.

I'm giving it 5 pineapples...(gif to follow)

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