Saturday, February 4, 2012

Any one got a fan??

How about a glass of ice water?

Even better, where's the closest hot cowboy?


Twisted Up by Lissa Matthews

One rope. Three days. And two hearts on the line.

Justin has had enough. Ella, the woman who healed his broken heart, has been cancelling on him for two months straight. Sure, she’s busy with her job, which has her traveling far and wide. But that never stopped her from sharing nights of trivia, long conversations and blazing hot sex—until now. Truth to tell, he misses their easy friendship, the way her sighs fill his ear as he fills her body.

What he can’t figure out is, what’s changed?

At work, Ella finds it easy to talk to rooms full of strangers. Once back at her lonely apartment, though, she’s back to her painfully shy self—until Justin. Their chance meeting grew over the months into a year-long affair, but she can’t shake the feeling that rejection and pain are just around the corner. Best thing to do? End it now, before their intimacy digs too deep.

Suddenly he’s at her door with a length of neon-green rope and a naughty proposition, daring her to say no. Just how good could it be? There’s only one way to find out… 

Warning: The sheets are tangled, the hat is crumpled, and the jeans are worn low on the hips. The cowboy is hot, determined, and helpless in the face of bunny slippers. Readers may need extra batteries to get this one out of their system.


In case you haven't already guessed, this book is H. O. T. hot. Steamy, lusty, drag your man into the nearest room with a locked Couldn't put it down if I wanted too, and seriously good idea that I chose to wait until the kids were away for the weekend to read it. That warning above is to be taken to heart, especially if some stocking up is necessary...ahem.

To the outside world, Ella is a once bitten, twice shy recently divorced woman who has a career training hotel front desk staff. What this Ella mask is concealing is every single man's (and even most of the married ones too) hottest wet dream. Ella is smart, beautiful and independent.

Justin is every romance reader's favorite hero, written into one man's awesome package.  (Well, maybe not every romance reader) He's a sexy Texan cowboy, hot bartender and a delicious fireman all wrapped into one. He could populate an entire hot bod calendar all on his lonesome and then some. He's seriously no slouch in the bedroom either, or in the hall, or truck, or bathroom, or parking lot..... He can lasso me and tie me to his bedpost anytime ;)

Ella meets Justin by chance during trivia night at a local bar and she enjoys their instant friendship. Justin, however, begins his slide down that slippery slope towards love after just once witnessing her smile...(awwwwww...) There was one thing holding them back in the beginning, though, and that was the finalization of her divorce.  

Now that her marriage is over, they have been enjoying an affair of convenience, but Justin won't be happy until she is his on a more permanent basis. When she starts to inch away, he tracks her down at her home, and tells her he wants a chance at something more. When his particular brand of coercion leaves her with no imaginable choice, she agrees to spend a long weekend at his home. 

During this time she begins to see that happiness may actually be attainable, and that love can truly happen at first glance. And Justin proves that nice guys don't always finish last, and that sexy cowboys always get their girl.

Truly well written novella, my first from Lissa Matthews, awesome read.

I give it 5 pineapples, or I will when i get the jpeg fixed.

Ride'm Cowgirl!


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