Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is it hot in here....

Or is it just him-

ARC TOUR: Fever by Joan Swan

Dr. Alyssa Foster will admit to a bad boy fetish…
But when she finds herself face to face with a convicted murderer with a ripped body, a determination for freedom and an eye on her as his get out of jail free card, Alyssa knows she’s in deep trouble…. Not just because Teague Creek is a prisoner desperate for freedom, but because his every touch makes her desperate for more.
A man with a life sentence has nothing to lose…
Teague Creek has one shot at freedom, but his plan to escape with a hostage develops a fatal flaw: Alyssa. On the run from both the law and deadly undercover operatives who know of his strange abilities, he needs to avoid trouble, but every heated kiss tells him the fire between them could be just as devastating as the flames that changed him forever.

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Suspicious circumstances, government conspiracies, tragic deaths, and danger await..........

Dr. Alyssa Foster chose the exact wrong day to fill in for a coworker. During her shift, she must perform an exam on an inmate, hoping that no good deed goes unnoticed, and she will be offered a permanent position in just two weeks. In return for her favor, she gets kidnapped by said inmate, whom later finds out that it wasn't Alyssa he wanted, it was the coworker she filled in for he needed. By then, it's too late for her to get out, as the prison guards and her coworkers (and eventually the escapee) have pointed to her as an accomplice. So, she is forced to see this thing through to the end.

Teague Creek is a dangerous man on a mission. And, dare I say, this guy is hot. And this is both literally and figuratively. Some years ago, Teague and his fellow firefighters were called upon to put out a fire in a warehouse containing some strange and confidential chemicals. Shortly afterwards, the team (minus the friend they lost in the blaze) suffered some rather unique side effects, each discovering a personal super "power" as it were. Teague's super power-extreme heat and the ability to cause quite a spark *ahem* Teague is my favorite kind of romance hero, a tortured one. After the blaze, his wife commits suicide, his new girlfriend is murdered , a crime for which he is convicted, his ex-brother-in-law gains custody of his daughter....see, tortured. While spending his time in prison, he hatches an insane plan to escape while taking a woman hostage and then using her as ransom in exchange for his daughter. One problem though, he kidnapped the wrong woman.

In a series of events that could only be explained by Mr. Murphy and his laws, the two end up hiding in a hunting cabin, while Teague plans his next moves, and Alyssa still searches for a way out, and then starts searching for answers. What neither of these two were expecting was the degree of their mutual attraction, and the lengths that they both will have to go before being able to find their HEA.

Fever was an exciting read,  loaded with intrigue, action and adventure, all wrapped around a hot and steamy center. And what excited me the most?? This is just the first book in a series! So, yes, more of these hot guys we have met, I do hope, and maybe some more answers to the questions swimming around in my brain.

Special thanks to the ladies at Good Choice Reading for allowing me to join in on this ARC tour, and congrats to Joan Swan on the release of her debut novel. 

I give it (or I will eventually) 
5/5 pineapples.

So long, farewell.....

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