Monday, August 23, 2010

Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl (spoiler alert)

I have spent the last few weeks, well more than a few, elbow deep in the historical romance zone.  After following her on twitter, I figured, hey I'll try a Victoria Dahl novel, a breath of fresh air you might say.  When I went is search of said novel this was the first I came upon, so I read it.

And I'm glad I did.  Victoria Dahl's characters are likeable and hilarious.  I bugged my hubs more than once by LOLing then making him listen to what was so funny.  He is such a good sport (right?)  They were also sexy and scandalous in a very awkward way which also had me LOLing, but with different results ;)


Generic theme : The story of a girl "insert 3 Doors Down lyrics..." who moves back to her home town and reunites with a guy she liked who was her brother's friend.

The down low:  Molly has a stalker boyfriend, who happens to be a hostage negotiator.  She moves back to her old hometown into a house she inherited from her aunt to pick back up her secret career as an erotic fiction writer.

The hot hometown boy:  Molly's first crush, Ben is now chief of their tiny police department.  Ben is in love, but, will he be willing to have her when he finds out her rise to fame story is about him?

The twist:  Her stalker is actually 2 people!  Her crazy ex and her lover's wanna be lady.

The happy ending: Girl is saved by boy from crazy stalker wanna be lady then crazy stalker ex.  Boy overcomes fear of scandal and takes girl anyway he can.

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