Tuesday, January 4, 2011


OK so resolutions is a misnomer.  Really.  This should be titled: What statements sound good to me tonight, but won't still sound good tomorrow. 

Alright my "resolutions" are as follows:
My first and everyone's least favorite:  Get into better shape.
I say it this way because, as far as I'm concerned, who gives a rats behind what the scale says, I just want to LOOK good in my skinny jeans.
My second:  Be a better wife, mother, etc.
I'm not horrible, really, but I think everyone has things they want to work on and my home and life are among mine.
Third and finally:  Actually blog on my blog.  I am going to endeavor to actually write a piece about every book I read this year.  I am interested to find out for real how many that actually is.

Now I think that last one sounds the funnest, although I hope it doesn't turn out too much like a chore or a job.  I would hate for my best hobby to turn into my worst nightmare.  The second one will be the most work, because I hate hate HATE housecleaning and s......tuff like that.  And in saying that there comes to mind a fourth resolution....Clean up my mouth.  My language is atrocious and I really shouldn't be this kind of filthy mouthed role model to my kids.

Well, night all.

And happy new year resoluteness to you.

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