Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's get it started in here....books 1-3

First up this year are:

Can't Stand the Heat
On the Steamy Side and
Just One Taste  by Louisa Edwards

These books all take place in the steamy world of haute cuisine, and a restaurant called Market.  There are kitchen clashes, server crashes and as always a little bit of "free love" amongst the staff.  The series also has a secondary main setting in a punk-rock dive bar located in the basement of an old church called Chapel, where the drinks are sometimes more complicated than the characters.  One a fabulous note, in the back of these books are published the recipes for some of the dishes mentioned in the book as well as the cocktails served at Chapel...I am so trying that sangria out as soon as I buy, well, all of the ingredients.

I have to admit that in reading these, at first I was a bit unsettled.  I'm not one who usually is into same sex relationships in my reading.  And please don't take that how it sounds.  I grant everyone the right to their own happiness wherever and with whomever that may be.  It is just something I don't tend to take in, much less find in the library.  But after the initial shake, I was okay with it.  In fact it was my favorite part.  Louisa's characters are smart and funny, rude, boisterous and crazy, but it's easy to see that is what we love about them.

In a post note....Please tell me there will be books starring Christian and Grant....I'm dyin' here.

Til we meet again


Up next:  The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

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