Monday, March 21, 2011

Last wills and oreos

Go together like a horse and carriage......

So in preparation for our first big trip sans children, we thought that maybe in case, I dunno, our plane crashes or some such nonsense, we should make up a will.  We say this because neither one of us want our parents raising our kids (lookit how we turned out...sheesh) so we needed to find someone more suitable. 

BTW nothing says BFF like "I would take your kids for you if you needed me to." Love, love, LOVE my BFF "A", who has been upgraded since my other BFF "M" said "Hell no, I have too many of my own already."

So as I'm sitting here making this damn thing out, I think, man I have done nothing with my life.  My house ain't finished, we ain't got no money, no stuff...damn.  Then I remember the reason for this, we have 3 kids.  Well, there's the something that I have done with my life.  And it matters.  I hope I have been with them long enough to make the most difference in their lives, and would hope they remember the good times.

Actually, I hope that none of our planes crash with us on them and I dont have to worry about jack sh*t.

That is all. Carry on.

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