Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And she does it again.....

Just finished reading JD Robb's Treachery in Death.  This book kept me up all night last night, couldn't put it down!

I don't know how after so many books, JD/Nora can come up with the good stuff, but she does. 

And my favorite passage, non traditional as it may be I just lurved it

(From Jacobson, one of the other cops, as he is taking down a suspect who is going after Eve)

And I quote...(and I am still giggling after having read this EARLY this morning)

     "Drop the f**ing weapon, you f**ing motherf**er or I'll f**ing scramble your f**ing brains.  Hands up!  Hands where I can f**ing see them, you f**ing c0cksucker.  You f**ing breathe wrong, you f**ing blink wrong, and I will f**k you up."
     While Reineke and Peabody dragged Palmer out the other side, Eve stepped back, let Jacobson deal with Marcell.
     "That was some very creative and varied use of the word f**k, Detective."
     "F**er."  Jacobson snarled it as he shoved Marcell to the ground.  "On your f**ing face, you f**ing sh*t coward.  Stream my lieutenant in the f**ing back?  F**k you."
     There was a distinctive snap followed by a scream.
     "I seem to have misjudged my step, Lieutenant, and stepped on one of this motherf**er's fingers.  I believe it's broken."
     "Could've happened to anyone."

End quote---well that's if you can call it a direct quote with the liberal use of ******s  lol.

As always, can't wait for the next one.  And I agree with Roarke, maybe next time Eve doesn't have to get into a fistfight???  Naahhhhh cause then she wouldn't be the Eve we know and love.

Time for bed....after I vote in the DABWAHA tourney in 10 minutes.

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